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The head of group defines an order and rate of its work. By tradition, the head of group works with the volunteer from participants who is on "a hot chair". Other participants give to the volunteer support, identify themselves with him and actively participate in experiments to help it with work. Techniques and exercises of gestalt therapy are directed on understanding expansion, integration of polyarnost, motivation of participants to acceptance of responsibility for themselves, strengthening of attention to feelings, the analysis of dreams and imaginations, overcoming of resistance.

Across Feldenkrayz, "the full image of" is a realization of all linking of skeletal muscles and all surface of a body. This perfect condition and it seldom meets. The person acts according to the subjective image. Only the person can understand that in his appearance – is fictitious, and that – originally, however not each can estimate thus himself, and experience of others can help here. According to Feldenkrayz, improvement of movements – the best way of improvement.

· A. Louen's bio-energetics. This approach is aligned for body roles in the analysis of character. The bio-energetics includes technology of breath according to Raich, many from the technician of emotional liberation according to Raich, But also uses equipment of intense poses for an energetization of parts of a body which are blocked. Tension increases so that the person eventually is compelled to relax muscles, "a protective armor". The bio-energetics often concentrates standing and a basin, because "they – the basis and a support of an ego structure. By means of feet and a foot we keep contact with the only invariable reality in our lives, with the earth, or the soil." 2

Art therapy is the empirical method connected with expression of emotions and other maintenance of mentality of the person through graphic activity for the purpose of change of its state and structure of attitude. Art therapy is a private form of therapy by creativity and is connected, mainly, with so-called visual arts (painting, graphics, the photo, a sculpture, and also their various combinations with other forms of creative activity).

In group option of therapy across Feldenkrayz need of finding of poses which most correspond to congenital physical features of the specific member of group that does his movements conscious and coordinate is emphasized.