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Otherwise process of integration in the west of the continent developed. The main dominating line of integration here: the union of the states, uniform in the social and economic nature, is taken as a principle system of democratic values and institutes which allowed to create rather strong associations represented by the European communities.

This mechanism is started long ago and every day gains steam. And nevertheless there is a wish to understand for the sake of what so ambitious program why right now the European countries suddenly decided to exchange brands expensive to them, francs and shillings with portraits of great people of the fatherland for the general for all euros with faceless bridges and arches is started.

Speaking about implementation in Belarus of projects within the technical assistance program to the CIS countries of TACIS, Mr. Abati noted that this program - the most important instrument of advance of the country to the market, however implementation of such projects requires creation of market prerequisites.

According to the statement of the head of department of the all-European cooperation Oleg Yermolovich, Belarus would like to build the normal relations with the European Union, however to performance of this task stir certain circumstances.

If EU countries carry out after all necessary economic reforms not separately, and together, and euro will take place, it will bring them immeasurably more benefit, than in case of separate actions. Also it is the third essential argument in favor of the currency union. Emergence of single European currency will allow to turn the EU territory into really uniform economic space where operators from the different countries will have equal conditions for activity. Already now in the EU all barriers on the way of the movement of goods, capitals and labor are almost cancelled, the market of services is considerably liberalized. Until Europe overcomes economic dissociation, it will not be able to complete to the USA and Japan on equal terms.

"Life both in the European Union, and out of its borders quickly changes. It has to be defined how most to adapt, develop and change. Expansion of the EU is a rotary point for Europe, opportunity which it has to use for the sake of the safety, the economy, the culture and the status in the world". (Jacques Santer)