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Planning represents a set of the actions and decisions undertaken by the management which conduct to development of the specific strategy intended to help the organization to achieve the objects. Process of strategic planning is the tool helping with adoption of administrative decisions. Its task to provide innovations and changes in the organization sufficiently. Some organizations and the enterprises can reach a certain level of success, without spending big work for planning. Moreover, planning in itself does not provide success. Nevertheless, intra firm planning can create a number of very important and often essential favorable factors for the organization.

Modern rate of change and increase in knowledge is so big that planning is represented the only way of formal forecasting of future problems and opportunities. It provides to the top management a tool for the plan for long term.

Improvement of system of intra firm planning in modern conditions demands broad application of economic-mathematical methods, electronic computer facilities, means of organizational equipment and communication. Use them will allow to accelerate collecting, processing and the analysis of information and to find optimum solutions of the tasks connected with production planning.

Intra firm planning promotes decrease in risk at decision-making. Making the proved and systematized planned decisions, the management reduces risk of adoption of the wrong decision because of wrong or unreliable information on opportunities of the enterprise or about an external situation.

Quarter program of a production site of 13 000 details. Labor input of production of one detail 2,1 normo-hours. Equipment operating mode the two-shift. In a quarter of 65 working days, losses of time for repair of the equipment - 4%. The planned percent of performance of performance standards-11 to Define the settlement and accepted number of machines, capacity of this site and coefficient of its use.